The Yellow Cookie Jar

The Yellow Cookie Jar by Mary Ellen Campbell 




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I am an author on the popular app called Wattpad and recently published my first book, “The Yellow Cookie Jar”. I was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, My family came to the US when I was 4 years old, through Ellis Island but my mom was the only one who was processed by the government and allowed into the country. This was due to the fact that my father was an American and my mother was a full blooded Brazilian. And I was both. This gave me an unique gift of becoming a dual citizen of both countries and I still have family in Brazil today. After I spent my life growing up in the south, I graduated from high school in Gadsden, Alabama. I decided to become a Registered Nurse and went to a Catholic Nursing School. When I passed my state boards, I started working in the operating room, where I met my soulmate, a surgeon that had worked there 10 years before we had met. Since then I started working with him and did so for the next 25 years of our marriage. This year will be our 37th year together and we have 7 children. Surgery was my calling and I loved it so much. But after working all those many years in the surgical unit I came down with Multiple Sclerosis and had to stop working. That’s when I became very sick and clinically depressed. I was so confused about my life because that work was all I had and all I had done for twenty five years. That is until I came across a popular app called Wattpad. An app that allows people to write. That’s what led me into deciding too write my own life’s story and I spent time writing night and day. Each time I started writing, I regained a little of my self worthiness and I then started submitting my work into their contests and began winning multiple awards. I had found new friends, new people, and a new interest. The people connected with me from all over the world and enjoyed my views and complimented my work. I found a newer calling and I saw that I had the ability to do it. So please go along with me as I discover my true self, connecting my past to my new future and what I want to become one day. It’s time for me to go back and find my Moxie and me!! MaryEllenCampbell