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The Big Sea

“It is an interesting biological fact, that all of us have in our veins the exact same percentage of salt in our blood that exists in the ocean, and therefore, if we have salt in our blood, and in our sweat, and in our tears we are tied to the ocean. And when we go back to the sea, whether it is to sail or to watch, we are going back from whence we came.”

John Fitzgerald Kennedy
🇺🇸 The 45th President Of These United States 🇺🇸

The Big Sea



My Journey Begins

Always keep your family and friends close to you side. For they are the rocks from where you stand upon daily. And once you start beginning your life’s journey, those little small parts of those rocks which you stood upon, will still be left inside you too show you how to live and they will stay in your soul forever. ” —MaryEllenCampbell img_8888



The Yellow Cookie Jar by Mary Ellen Campbell


A charming novella that will appeal to every reader…

Campbell’s new novella of family secrets, love, relations, and whimsical elements follows sixteen-year-old Thomas and his ninety-year-old grandfather, Duncan, as they bond over a genealogy project and share a heartbreaking family secret. Duncan’s tale of family secrets merges with his own journey toward gratification, as he makes peace with his past and bonds with his grandson. Campbell’s straightforward narrative is charming and provides an old-world-feel as well as authenticity to the story—she focuses on characters, leaving readers enough room to add their own imagination to the background. The story feels lived in with the fantasy element firmly rooted in reality and will appeal to adults as well as older children.


The Yellow Cookie Jar
by Mary Ellen Campbell
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PUB DATE October 9, 2018
ISBN 9781546248248
PRICE $10.99 (USD)

Be The Best Version Of You

Blank White Pages 


Awaken my thoughts from my inspired pen.
For words to flow as they did before.
On a fresh cut tablet of blank white pages,
written down by me, once again!

Come forth to flow in my silent space,
That exists inside my mind, that twisted place.
Behind the unconsciousness of my thoughts
that lie within my darkest door,
It’s there, but where, is it ?
I do not know, anymore?

Locked were my words, that I sorely did need,
Where they once just flowed smoothly throughout, just me.
To be put down on those blank, white pages,
For everyone to see.

Words that had their own thoughts, of creativity,
Thoughts that were blocked, by a darkened mist?
Through my eyes, to my hands, is the constant reminder of this.
Of how much I had and truly miss are,
My words.

My thoughts that meant so much to me,
And were as valuable as one’s time it did seem?
But now I shall await for them to be returned to me.
Sooner for they will come in kind!

Rekindled by my heart,
I will bring them forth in thoughts.
Allowing me to write them again.
They will be reborn within my soul,
where they have lived.
For my thoughts were a blending of creation,
But had the wisdom of my faith!
And flowed from a heart, that could not wait,

My words that were mine, all along!
Again to be written down on blank, white pages.
So everyone can read them alone.

Please them back to me,
I will meet you behind my closed door.
You are my demons that are holding my thoughts in line!
Hopefully my words are still there, for I will believe,
They are my gems of treasures, that were hidden from me?
And you hold them now, more than I?
But I am praying that you will return them sooner in kind.

Indeed they are inside me, and in a way,
To exist in the corners of my mind?
So how will I know where I shall find them,
My words….that I held on for a long time?

I will promise to hold on to them and never let them go!
If I ever get the chance.
But why did they leave me, standing here all alone?
To fight everyone within my soul.
So where do I go to find them, they now in the unknown?

Are you still there?
My words that those demons have stolen.
They are mine. My words that you have taken from me today,
So can someone tell them to go away?
I insist, so I might see them, again one day.
To find out what happened to all of them!

Words that still exist between a place in my mind.
They all have sat there for a very long time,
For me to loose them in a way that makes no sense.
But hopefully I will find them again and then
You all will see what I can do with them for you.

They were all taken during a night,
Yet, not from my vision are they completely in my view,
I can still see them sitting there waiting for me to use.
They who are trying so hard to get freed.
But If I can not find them how will I get through.


This is that mystery to me?
My words that were held inside against my will,
They were alone in my mind?
A mind that holds creativity,
Under other all things, they are there lying.
Left inside my thoughts to die?

My words are enchained in the darkness of that night,
And yet I could not find a way to come out and fight!
So how can I ever be asked to write again.
If I never find them, so what will I do until then?

They are held by my monsters of my head.
Where they are left there withering, dying,
And behind this insanity of this fight,
Are the demons of the night!
Between strands of dirty cobwebs,
Hidden from me, in a timeless place.
Trying so hard, to come forth from me,
From a darkness of my days?
But, I still do not have my words.

Because my mind was shattered into pieces to hurt?
And hopefully I will arise in a different space.
To take a different path
To put my words back into the right place!

But why?
Did my demons have to hide them from me?
For they have stayed so long away.
Always awaiting just for me, to find out one day.
Where they have been.

Maybe, it was just a lesson that I had to learn?
Because I had given up on my words to soon.
My thoughts say I never was to use them again,
But did they really have to leave?

So when they took them away from me,
It was to teach me their lessons.
Only they were the ones who knew what I was supposed to do,
A lesson of life that I never learned.
And the lesson was they could never really take them away,
I know now that they are my words, and I have them to always own!

Ink, I had in my inspired pen almost ran out.
For life is not ours, it is not our own to keep.
And my ink was as close , to my own life’s fragility,
But, it came back to me from the unknown!
My Ink!
That was as black, as that one night,
Of my life’s darkest dawn!

So please, will you push that button down again,
So my ink will flow threw my inspired pen.
To make my words jump out, to write them all down and then,
I will write to you again!

Like the quickness of a lark,
That has just sprung free.
Bringing forth its sweet song!
I will spill my words down to you, from me,
And I shall never go wrong.

This will always remain a mystery of my life,
Words that were stuck in my head.
Inside my mind, in that darkness of my night,
To return again, and be read!

So I am writing them down for you and me,
For surely, I will never again be in fear again by thee!
The darkness of my mind are those lasting thoughts.
From my words that disappeared!

This will be my story, that I will tell,
About my words and where did they did go,
To only come back to me again!
And flow throughout thoughts everywhere, with a

To my new day’s dawning of my truest light!
The mystery of those lost words.
That came back to me in a flight!
For me to write them down again, this night.

My words,
That still are are mine!
To put them down, on a fresh cut tablet of….
Blank, White Pages!

As Ever ,
Mary Ellen Campbell